Japanese Style Donuts – mister donut

It’s been a while since my last post (more than two months!). I moved into my new house at the beginning of April, and it took me a while to settle down. Does anyone love moving? I don’t… Moving process is hard and quite stressful. You need something to support you to get through. In my case, sweets!

My first ‘coming back’ post is about Japanese Style Donuts from mister donut.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.06.01 AM

You can enjoy seven different tastes in this ‘和ドーナツ (Japanese Style Donuts)’ line.

1. Matcha donut + red bean paste + whipped cream + ‘Warabimochi’
‘Warabimochi’ is a jelly-like sweet made from bracken starch and covered in ‘Kinako (sweet toasted soy bean flower)’.


2. Matcha donut + red bean paste + matcha cream + Warabimochi


3. Pon de Matcha Cream


4. Old Fashion Matcha


5. Old Fashion Matcha Chocolatdonut5

6. Old Fashion Double Matcha


7. Matcha ‘Kuromitsu’ Stick – ‘Kuromitsu’ donut + Matcha Cream
‘Kuromitsu’ is a Japanese sugar syrup that is similar to molasses. It’s made from unrefined black sugar and used in many Japanese sweets, ‘wagashi’.


Which one would you like to taste?



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