Mitarashi Dango

It’s been more than two weeks since I last updated my blog. My husband and I have been busy doing a small renovation in our condo for renting it out. Today, finally I have a little bit of time for myself and for my blog. So, here I am.

Today, March 20 is the first day of spring. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about spring is ‘Sakura’, cherry blossoms. ‘Sakura’ is the national flower and signature symbol of spring in Japan. This year, peak bloom is predicted to start March 21 in Tokyo. Cherry blossoms only last about one week; so there will be so many ‘hanami’, flower seeing parties, all across Japan next week.


Everytime I go see cherry blossoms in Japan, I crave a certain dessert, ‘Mitarashi Dango’. It is one of Japanese traditional dessert dumplings that made from ‘mochiko’, rice flour; three or four round dangos that covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze are served on a skewer. The sauce is sweet and savory, and goes perfectly with bland dango.


There is an old Japanese saying, ‘Hana yori dango’, that literally means ‘dumplings over flowers’. The real meaning of it is ‘The person to whom it is directed prefers practical gain to aesthetics’. I could be the person. I love beautiful cherry blossoms, but I sometimes enjoy mitarashi dango more than I enjoy seeing the cherry blossoms.


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