Apple Custard Pie – Ringo


If I get to choose between chocolate cake and apple pie, I would probably choose chocolate cake. To me, chocolate cake is a little more appealing than apple pie. However, if I see the Apple Custard Pie I’m going to introduce you today, I would definitely change my mind.

Putting a new spin on the classic dessert, the new Apple Custard Pie will debut in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, on March 4. Actually, the store ‘Ringo (apple in Japanese)’ carried out a test launch and sold 10,000 pieces in one week.

The recipe of Ringo’s Apple Custard Pie is unique. They bake a small apple pie first, then, inject custard cream inside. It makes the pie crispy outside and creamy inside.

This is how they make the Apple Custard Pie:

Ringo won’t do batch baking. The store is also the pie bakery, so you can get really fresh baked Apple Custard Pie in Ringo. The classic but new sweet will bring Spring to Ikebukuro!



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