Takoyaki – The king of Japanese street food

Photo credit: Keith Pomakis

I know some people don’t like eating octopus, because of the chewy texture. But, we, Japanese, enjoy the texture and use octopus for many different dishes. Today’s topic, Takoyaki, is probably the most popular Japanese food with octopus.

Takoyaki is a very simple ball-shaped snack and you can often find it in street stalls during any festivals. The ingredients are flavoured batter, diced octopus, pickled-ginger, and green onion. After mixing all ingredients, we cooked in a takoyaki pan, pour takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, and sprinkle aonori (green laver) and katsuobushi (dried bonito). Chewy but crunchy octopus and juicy batter create a great harmony.

You can also enjoy Takoyaki at home. When I go back to Japan, my friends often invite me for a Takoyaki party. All you need are the ingredients I mentioned above, a Takoyaki pan and one or two Takoyaki picks to turn Takoyaki balls. Takoyaki pan has half-spherical molds. You pour batter in the molds, turn the batter when the bottom part is cooked, and make it ball-like shape. Street vendors in stalls usually use big griddle, but for home electric version of Takoyaki pan is available.



In my opinion, Takoyaki is the king of Japanese street food and is an easy and fun home party food.


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