Yaki Gyoza – Pan-fried dumplings


Today is Chinese New Year. Chinese food culture has had huge influence on Japanese food culture. To celebrate 2016 Chinese New Year, I’d like to put spotlight on the most popular Chinese food in Japan; precisely speaking, it is the most popular Japanese-style Chinese food — Yaki Gyoza.

In China, Gyoza (Jiaozi in Chinese) is usually boiled. We enjoy boiled dumplings (Sui Gyoza) as well, but Yaki Gyoza is way more popular in Japan. There are a few differences between Jiaozi and Gyoza. While Jiaozi uses thick wrapper, Yaki Gyoza uses much thinner wrapper. Also, Yaki Gyoza has rich garlic aroma, which is not found in Jiaozi.

The main ingredients of Yaki Gyoza are: ground pork or chicken, minced vegetables (cabbage, green onion or Asian chives, garlic, ginger), soy sauce, sake, sesame oil, and dumpling wrappers (Gyoza skin). After frying Gyoza, you enjoy them with dipping sauce — soy sauce, rice vinegar and chili oil. It’s crispy outside and juicy inside. For those who are interested in making Gyoza at home, check out the site: www.japanesecooking101.com. Making Gyoza is not difficult and quite fun!

Here’s one piece of advice for you when you eat Yaki Gyoza. It is served very hot and has meat juice inside. Wait a little bit before enjoying it; otherwise, you will burn yourself!

I wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year 2016!


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