Kanazawa Curry


Some of you might not like curry, but I cannot talk about Japanese food without mentioning it. So please bear with me.

Curry is definitely one of the most popular dishes in Japan. We usually serve curry in three forms: curry rice (curry over rice), curry udon (curry over noodles), and curry bread (pasty filled with curry). However, when we hear “curry”, we simply associate it with curry rice, and that is today’s topic.

Until recently, I didn’t know that my hometown, Kanazawa, is famous for curry rice, Kanazawa Curry. I ate curry rice at restaurants from time to time, when I was in Japan. But I never found something special about it, and most likely I was eating “Kanazawa Curry” without noticing it. Since the new launch of Shinkansen (Bullet Train) in March 2015, Kanazawa has been in the news and became so popular about many things including its curry rice. I was surprised when I found a Wikipedia page (in Japanese) dedicated to Kanazawa curry.

According to the Wikipedia page, there are several characteristics in Kanazawa curry:

  • Curry roux is rich and very thick
  • Shredded cabbage on the side
  • Served on a stainless steel plate
  • Eat it with fork or spork (hybrid of spoon and fork)
  • Put breaded pork cutlet on the roux and pour worcestershire sauce over it
  • Pour roux all over the rice without showing existence of rice


By the way, have you used spork? I have and I think spork is very unusable as cutlery. When I was in elementary school, we ate school lunch with spork. Being hybrid of spoon and fork, it was supposed to work well for both piercing and scooping. However, it is a “He who runs after two hares will catch neither” type of tool; Piercing food with the tip of the spork is not easy and eating soup with a spork is almost impossible. I wonder how difficult it would be to eat shredded cabbage with spork.

Going back to Kanazawa Curry, crispy pork cutlet goes very well with rich spicy curry roux. Shredded cabbage gives the dish mildness. It’s tasty and satisfying. Each curry restaurant in Kanazawa serves slightly different curry. Some of them are even selling their curry roux packages online. Kanazawa Curry is going strong…


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