Rice Burger


Rice Burger is a good example to demonstrate how Japanese adopt something from different culture and put an interesting spin on it. Mos Burger, a Japanese fast-food restaurant chain, introduced the rice burger in 1987, and it has become popular in Japan and other East Asian countries. If I remember correctly, McDonald in Japan also had the rice burger around 2007. Among a few kinds of rice burger in Mos Burger, “Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku (Teriyaki BBQ beef)” was the most popular item. Due to Mad Cow Disease, it was taken off the menu in 2012, but because of many requests from customers, “Mos Rice Burger Yakiniku” will be back on the regular menu on February 9, 2016.

Literally, a rice burger uses a compressed rice cake — made of mixture of rice, barley and millet — instead of a hamburger bun. I tried it a couple of times when I was in Japan (long time ago). I was skeptical before eating, but it was actually tasty; Teriyaki BBQ beef goes well with the rice bun.

Mos Burger uses the method called “after order”that makes hamburgers when they are ordered. It takes more cooking time than any other fast food restaurants, but Mos Burger is famous for the taste and freshness. I can’t wait to taste the revived rice burger next time I go back to Japan.



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