Nikuman – Japanese winter snack


One of the things I enjoyed when I was in junior high was buying a snack and eating it with friends after school. My go-to snack in winter was “Nikuman”, pork filling steamed bun. At that time, only two kinds of steamed buns were sold at convenience stores: red bean bun (“Anman”) and my favourite, Nikuman. Later, more choices became available, such as curry bun and pizza bun. But my pick was always Nikuman.

There was a heated display case in a store to keep steamed buns hot. When you split it in half, the steam rises up from inside. The meat filling is so juicy and the bun is soft and fluffy. After eating one, you would feel like eating one more.

Nowadays, there are so many different fillings and colour of buns. You can compare tastes in each convenience store. Most buns are around 130 yen. It warms up your soul and it’s gentle on your wallet.


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