Bite into a sushi roll


A sushi roll is usually cut into 6 pieces. You take one piece at a time, dip it in soy sauce and put it in your mouth. Some Japanese people eat sushi rolls in a little bit different way for “Setsubun”, February 3rd or 4th depending on the year.

The term Setsubun is originated from the old calendar and was thought of as a division between the winter and the spring. Although Japan doesn’t use the old calendar anymore, the idea of celebrating the beginning of spring has somewhat remained in our culture. One of the special rituals on the Setsubun day is throwing soybeans outside to drive away evil spirits. I remembered I did it with my parents when I was little.

The other ritual is biting into a sushi roll facing the year’s lucky direction. The lucky direction in 2016 is South-southeast. You take a whole sushi roll without cutting, face SSE and eat it up while making wishes. Do not speak until you finish, otherwise your wishes won’t come true. Would you try?



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