Hunton Rice


My hometown is Kanazawa, a small city with population of around 463,000. It is situated in the middle of Japan. Last March, “Shinkansen (bullet train)” connected Kanazawa with Tokyo and reduced travel time to 2.5 hours. As a result, Kanazawa became one of the popular destinations in Japan. Kanazawa is famous for fresh seafood and sushi, but also known for the birthplace of the B-class gourmet, “Hunton Rice”.

Hunton Rice was born in late 1960’s. The base of Hunton Rice is fried rice covered with thin omelette. Then, you put crispy fried fish on it and pour tartar sauce and ketchup over it. You can use fried shrimp as a topping and switch tartar sauce with brown sauce.

My favourite one is from “Grill Otsuka”. Their Hunton Rice is using both crispy fried marlin and small shrimps as toppings. I’d like to say this is one of Japanese soul foods from my hometown.



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