The Art of Temaki Sushi

Temaki Sushi is a type of sushi you can casually enjoy at home. You put sushi rice on a seaweed sheet (Nori), any toppings you have in your fridge and roll it with your hands.


One of Japanese restaurants in Kyoto has taken Temaki Sushi to the next level. “Teori Sushi”, which means “Hand weaving sushi” served in “AWOMB” is pleasing on the eyes and the tongue. All kinds of small toppings and condiments are laid out beautifully on a black plate. It looks like a painting pallet and it’s almost too pretty to eat.

Way of eating is the same as Temaki; put toppings of your choice and roll it. You can enjoy so many different combinations of topping. AWOMB’s Teori Sushi is truly an art.



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